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Some sponsors may contact you via phone although most use email.
Member please only proceed with your order form if you plan on purchasing this item within the next 48-72 hours. Here's why it's so important: Most every order needs to be discussed directly with the sponsor. SponsorBUZZ! doesn't mind spending time for your benefit, but sponsors do not like quoting sponsored pricing if the product doesn't get ordered. Price shopping not allowed. Accounts with form submissions with low to no purchase ratios will be reviewed.
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About 1320 Performance

NVX was founded in 2011 by a team of industry veterans with decades of collective experience in engineering, product research and development, retail sales and distribution. Our unique combination of vision, passion and experience sets us apart from the competition, as we are not driven by profits and countless models, but rather by our desire to educate the consumer about quality audio and our commitment to innovation. This unique approach allows us to remain focused on three core philosophies when bringing new products to market:

Customer Education

Product Quality

Innovation and Uniqueness

It stands to reason that the first step to getting great sound is understanding what makes a great sound system. Far too often, manufacturers become obsessed with rushing products to market and maximizing profits, and exclude the customer from the educational process that is enjoyed by industry “insiders.” We at NVX feel it is our responsibility to educate, and our passion to teach shines through in the product manuals, packaging and dedication to detail for each and every item.

One of our most fundamental educational goals is to teach our customers how to recognize a high quality product. Our increasingly globalized economy has allowed manufacturers to produce products with the “sticker” mentality; they pick the item off of a shelf and slap their label on it. We at NVX are radically opposed to this philosophy, as it is unfair to the product and the end user. Every product we produce undergoes an arduous engineering and testing process that gives us an unparalleled familiarity with the product and allows us to pass that deep understanding on to you.

Our passion to educate is rivaled only by our devotion to quality throughout the entire process, beyond the engineering stage. Our strict attention to detail and stringent quality control measures ensure that our products always meet or exceed listed specifications. Our suppliers, parts factories, assembly lines and internal teams perform at their optimum levels as we constantly evaluate and quality control all that are involved, and are never afraid to make a change that will help to improve your experience with our brand.

We founded NVX to be different. It is our goal to always take a unique perspective on any prospective product or idea. Whether launching a new category or simply changing button configuration, we’re always striving to create something fresh and new. Our vision is reflected in the quality and performance of the products we manufacture.